I was born in Belgium, but I grew up all over the world. I define myself as a world citizen. I’m a self-taugh photographer passionate by my surounding. I launched my activity in 2015 and I am specialized in portrait and photo-report. I love specially street photography and social photography. The human and fair causes are one of my favorite subject.

I do fencing (I even teach it), I do ross-training and a bit of jogging. I love special, local and handmade beers. Don’t worry, I like good wine, good food and good music too.

I enjoy discover, visit and learn…To enjoy the moment… a real hedonist! Thus, Photography is complmentary. It allows to freeze moments of pleasure, of joy and of happiness. It would be a shame to miss a part of life. Time is flying.

I can offer a full-set of tailor-made services (pages are in french):

You can also have a look to some of my previous projects and jobs in the portfolio area.

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You can call me at +32 494 64 04 84 or send me an email to info@davidtaquin.be to discuss about your project and to get a quote.

Also available on  Twitter / Instagram: dtaquin and on facebook.

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